MacDonald - the largest of the highland clans, the Gaelic first name "Domnuill" was anglicised to "Donald". The family was founded in the Isle of Islay and then extended their influence to the Scottish Mainland. The grandson of the founded, "John of Islay" came to be known as Lord of the Isles and the clan grew in strength until defeated in battle by King James IV in 1493. The clan then fragmented into smaller regional clans of Macdonalds, Clan Donalds, Clanranald and MacDonnells.

More recently the name MacDonald has been the most frequently registered "Mac" name in Scotland.

Scottish Shortbread Petticoat Tails
CODE 018
125g    4.4oz
case size: 24
size: HxWxD
Scottish Shortbread Petticoat Tails
CODE 493
250g    8.8oz
case size: 12
size: HxWxD
Scottish Shortbread Assortment
CODE 509
300g  10.5oz
case size: 12
size: HxWxD
Scottish Shortbread Selection with
Chocolate Chips
CODE 516
500g  17.6oz
case size: 12
size: HxWxD

Campbells have been baking Shortbread in Callander since the 1830’s. Very little has changed, Campbells Scottish Shortbread is still baked in the traditional way using the finest ingredients. Allergen information

From all butter Shortbread and Butter Cookies, Campbells products are perfect for any occasion from morning coffee to afternoon tea and of course with Scotch Whisky as an after dinner dram. Campbells Shortbread and pure Butter Cookies bring a smile to your face with every mouthful!

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