Our Heritage

In 1830 in the small Highland village of Callander in Perthshire, Donald Campbell baked his first trays
of rich golden shortbread. Now over 185 years and seven generations later, this internationally famous small village bakery is Scotland’s oldest bakery and it is still in the same Campbell family.

Until the 1960’s Campbells developed as a village bakery, serving the outlying communities with delivery vans but as the years rolled by an ever greater proportion of total sales was being generated by gift packed shortbread especially as Callander is situated in the stunningly beautiful Trossachs area.

Throughout this period there were many family bakeries throughout Scotland producing their own quality hand crafted regional shortbread.

As the 70’s dawned and the emphasis in the food industry moved away from craft to factory production and as the national companies became aware of the enormous market potential for what, alongside whisky, was seen as a Scottish ethnic product, the craft firms were pushed aside and the mass grocery market for shortbread eliminated all but two traditional family craft shortbread producers. Both family firms of which Campbells is one, are now thriving, although they have gone in different directions.

Campbells have concentrated on gift and seasonal lines using only the finest ingredients money can buy, and present their range of unique and original packaging suitable for the cream of international trade.

It is with full confidence that we look forward to a future as enduring and successful as the many years gone past.

Campbells have been baking Shortbread in Callander since the 1830’s. Very little has changed, Campbells Scottish Shortbread is still baked in the traditional way using the finest ingredients. Allergen information

From all butter Shortbread and Butter Cookies, Campbells products are perfect for any occasion from morning coffee to afternoon tea and of course with Scotch Whisky as an after dinner dram. Campbells Shortbread and pure Butter Cookies bring a smile to your face with every mouthful!

Campbells Shortbread
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