What We Do

Campbells Shortbread was established 1830. It is still in the same family (seventh generation) and is now Scotland's OLDEST bakery business.

All Campbells brand products are made without artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and are made with 100% pure butter. -Our products are all suitable for vegetarians.

When it comes to presentation and packaging, we are quite simply the best in the market place. Our packs are heavily embossed, with product contained within gold wrapped bags and skillets. Larger packs and tins contain individual stay fresh skillets instead of one large skillet (for example 2 x 150g skillets within a 300g pack)

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The shelf life of our products is 15 months from date of manufacture but we ensure this is an absolute minimum of 9 months when supplied to customer.

The current Campbells Short-
bread range includes a
number of unique
lines such as
teddy bear
shapes in carton and
tin, and smaller low
cost tins, we are
constantly working on
refreshing the range and
innovating new products.

Campbells Shortbread products can be found in gift
shops, tourist shops and airports. We also export
worldwide to Australia, Canada, USA, Japan, China,
Hong Kong and many other European and
Asian countries.

Campbells have been baking Shortbread in Callander since the 1830’s. Very little has changed, Campbells Scottish Shortbread is still baked in the traditional way using the finest ingredients. Allergen information

From all butter Shortbread and Butter Cookies, Campbells products are perfect for any occasion from morning coffee to afternoon tea and of course with Scotch Whisky as an after dinner dram. Campbells Shortbread and pure Butter Cookies bring a smile to your face with every mouthful!

Campbells Shortbread
North Ancaster Square, Callander, Perthshire FK17 8BL, Scotland
Tel: (+44) (0) 1877 330013     Fax: (+44) (0) 1877 331290    Email: sales@campbellsshortbread.co.uk